Monday, February 9, 2009


Some of you may recall at the beginning of this year I started putting a dollar into a kitty for every swear I said in an effort to discourage myself from such language. Well I have $93 so far.(Don't know if this is good or bad LOL) I mentioned this to a dear friend who is currently struggling mightily with a debilitating illness. You can read her postings here. Anyway she needs one of those vans that lifts a wheelchair so she can become mobile again. Yesterday she started to create an online fundraiser to help her do just that. (She's a digital goddess, by the way - so handy with it all - it'll knock your socks off). She doesn't like to capitalize on people's empathy - and for the moment this is being set up semi-anonymously. As this necessarily may need to change to prove legitimacy - we'll keep you updated.
This project is in its infancy but is going to be sort of an ongoing swear-a-thon fundraiser. It would benefit right now from the input of someone (you?) who knows how to set up a 501(c)C fund so donations can be tax deductible (or know of a program in place that helps people on assistance acquire such things). Until then if you would like to help - throw a buck into a jar on behalf of this friend and stay tuned - as when an online donation site is created I'll post a link here. This is 100% legit - and let me tell you, you will not meet a braver soul - no mater how hard you try. This pal is as strong as they come and is not letting her current set of circumstances derail her from her own altruistic projects and creative flow. More later!

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