Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The New PonyXpress Horse Training!

The New PonyXpress is working closely with AnimalHelp announcing a brand new Training Series as a result. In this hands-on all day workshop you will:
  • learn how to listen to your horse, externally and internally
  • make first aid fixes out on the trail during deliveries using very old world methods
  • leverage your relationship with your equine
  • keep the two of you safe no matter what.
For more information log in to: add a comment here, email: thehorsesrep(at) or leave a comment at http://struct.ning.ponyexpress
PonyXpress is a certified Animal Communicator (CAC) and has been a registered SEHI since 2019
The New PonyXpress is a proud member of The Foundation of Hope
To learn more about animal assisted inspiration please visit QuantumSparks

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ownership is Overrated

As a regional facilitator for The New PonyXpress I get to interact with animals substantively towards achieving goals every day. Over time I have learned to place higher value on what they value. In the case of our PonyXpress carriers, the horses, pigeons, salmon, and others it occurred to me early on to always only bring with me what I needed to accomplish my goals and nothing more.

Up until then I was quite certain to carry way too much with me. Metaphorically and literally. I would be loaded down with material goods; books, devices, foods, survival gear which in the end did more to impede my travel than ease it. Being so encumbered slowed me down, made me more possessive and actually caused me to have less - because I grew out of the habit of sharing. It also let me think that I could survive independently from others which is a dangerous illusion. I now take the bare minimum of what I need to be me and accomplish the task at hand, and allow my faith that the right connections will be made as I proceed. Have I turned into a irresponsible drain on the limited resources of those whom I now encounter and seek assistance from?

Quite the opposite. What I have learned as I now travel without the safety net of a bunch of stuff is that I am somehow always equipped with exactly what I need to offer those I come in contact with at just the right moment. We make this valuable exchange; information in exchange for a safe haven night's rest, first aid care for an afternoon meal. Hope for the spiritually depleted in return for a flake of hay for the horse I'm traveling with. It's always something and it's always appropriate to the situation.

My needing to reach out and connect in this way - these exchanges are naturally conceived and carried out to the benefit of all. My load is minimized, my interactions maximized and my spirituality rejuvenated anew with each swap.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The New PonyXpress Small Parcel Delivery

Comment here or Contact SEHI PonyXpress at for a personalized rate quote and to schedule a pick up or delivery of your special item(s).

Now accepting grass hay, turkey jerky and wheat flour as payment.

Friday, October 10, 2008

AnimalSpeakers - Listening Event 10.12 - 2pm YOUR local time

This Sunday, October 12, at 2pm YOUR local time, please take a moment, find a quiet place and tune your listening towards an animal or any creature you feel may have something to share. The idea here is to collect this information in a centralized place to help us as we slog through finding solutions to the global problems and challenges we now face.

After all, animals have been here in one form or another for millions of years isn't a stretch for many of us who know they have insights worth seeking out and giving voice to.

As information makes its way into your consciousness, please share it with everyone here by clicking on and adding comments to this post.

If you're playing the Superstruct game like I am (, log in and share what you learn with that entire community at the AnimalSpeakers Superstruct discussion thread:
It's totally free and is actively being designed to help people to network in ways that take the internet into the realm of social accountability, connecting and levergaing our collective genius towards the greater - not commercial - good. This is the beginning of something wonderful.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lessons Horses Have Taught Me

I have been listening to horses for some time now. They are gentle beings. Natural philosophers. They tend to live with no more attachments than their current social group. Here are some lessons I have been priviledged to learn directly from them:

  • The More Effective Leader is the one who is the best Listener. Paying attention to nuance before it comes upon you can save you and those around you.
  • Who is Leader is less important than that there is a Leader. Being the leader can be exhausting work - if someone challenges you who demonstrates to your satisfaction that they can carry on the work, let them and enjoy the break.
  • Run when you feel you must - but then remember to stop and study what caused you to run in the first place. Chances are it is no longer a threat.
  • Let your emotions be visible all the time. Streamlines communication, avoids bigger fights.
And finally this one:
Highest purpose contained within Truest Nature. Meaning, when you live in your skin as the being you are - letting go of affectations (ultimately the Ego), you suddenly find that the pathways for your engagement seem like obvious, natural beacons, and you are free to do your work and make your living as never before. This was conveyed to me on my birhtday this year by my Paint horse, Mu. Pictured.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Establishing Contact - What's The Buzz?

Recent developments have allowed me to find large chunks of unprogrammed time with which to find Quiet Space and begin to connect with The Wise. Our first self-assignment towards this task is to listen to bees, what few remain - as they seem to have built a society that uses telepathy, dance and other means of communication to solve challenges that would be to the individual, insurmountable.

The messages my associate discerns from these intrepid survivors could well provide us with avenues of approach heretofore unconsidered.

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