Friday, February 6, 2009

My Learning Process

For a while I have been tackling the learning of a piece of software I put off literally for years thinking it was going to be too difficult. The wonderful thing is, because I came up to my need to use this particular piece of computer language sort of sideways, learning other programs as I had to, when I finally got to Flash, wow, though multi-armed and somewhat unyielding to my particular brain flow - in the end - it's working! I'm learning it!

This drawing began as my response to an image Wendy posted yesterday in our sketch-fun exchange -- she depicted a thing with multiple arms sort of, it got me thinking. I ended up drawing this, and then learning what it represented only after I was done, when Mikey asked me what it meant. You know how people do. The answer simply popped into my head. That's how art is for me sometimes, often a sideways , non-deliberate thing.

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