Tuesday, February 3, 2009

(N)..ice Ideas

Last week an a fine misting of rain fell across the entire state of Kentucky while the temperatures dropped to and hovered near freezing - which created The Perfect circumstances for the rain to freeze and build up to over 3/4" thick on every surface: tree limbs, roofs, roads, blades of dried grass, and electric wires. Soon the weight began to take a toll and tree branches began crashing down. Then wires, then the modern infrastructure that is dependent on those wires.

Which left a lot of time to sit some and consider inter-connectedness a little more deeply. I worried about the trees, the birds, and all creatures who had to make their living outside during those days and, worse, nights. I gave some thought to the trees in particular who endured their fate with the calm they always exude. It occurred to me that though I could see parts of them breaking down, even whole trunks snapping sealing a dire fate - I wasn't considering the whole being. We almost never do with trees. So I drew what I think a tree sees when considering one of its own kind. Knowing half of the being was safe below ground made me feel better for them.

As I was cut off from this sort of digital communication I had to let go of the sketch-exchange I had started with my friend in California and thought about the new events in her life that are uplifting an already buoyant soul causing her to be too busy to keep up with that project anyway. At first I was bummed, I really do enjoy collaborating on things with friends like that - but then I rejoiced at her fortune.

Which brought me to a place of considered thought where letting go and trusting the process of belief, hope and optimism always keeps one from falling. I learned a bunch about this recently as my own career has been changing, growing and leading me in some very wonderful, healthy directions.

So here I am today - the ice is gone, new projects are unfolding and I am able to reconnect through my magic screen to the world at large. Always - or least often - intellectually stimulating, increasingly these past several months. The Internet is becoming the wonder I had hoped it would when it first unveiled itself in rudimentary form years ago. I am so delighted with the developments in technology I could just jump for joy. Ha!

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