Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wild Delight! Delta Society Reading

As I study the Delta Society Student Manual for io's and my Pet Partner training I've been delighted to discover some significant overlap in recommended reading between their list and my personal library.

To begin with, there's "Calming Signals" by Turid Rugaas, a book describing the body language dogs naturally employ to alleviate stress in all social situations; canine and human. They also highlight the TTouch methods andwell written books created and described by Linda Tellington-Jones, an internationally celebrated horse trainer and riding instructor. How cool is that? You may wish to start by looking Ms. T-J's "Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training" book.

Though most registered teams feature a dog partner, Delta Society support materials highlight the work of a horse professional. This tells me io and I will be truly welcome additions to their national roster.

We are thrilled! io can't wait to get going!
Next post: Several more top rated books that provide even more enlightenment into the sometimes misunderstood language of horse and dog behavior.

Oh, I should mention we have set up a Fan Club for io on Facebook, where you can also follow his progress and adventures in happiness.

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