Saturday, January 3, 2009

Side-Cycle, No-Cycle, Real-Cycle - Part 1

I just heard on the radio a new report on the recent downturn in the overall output of U.S. factory production. Bad news? Maybe not. For starters, a slow down in production means a slow down in consumption, which means a slow down in waste on all sides of that cycle. No waste making stuff, no waste delivering stuff, no waste showing stuff, no waste getting stuff, no waste bringing it home and then pretty quickly throwing stuff away after use. (Fact: 99% of all stuff purchased on any given day is thrown away within 6 months. 99%! Packaging, delivery materials, intended obsolescence, etc.)

This downturn is offering us all a real chance at finding new ways to let go of creating waste and new ways to create stuff. We can fix what breaks, trade out what we no longer need (books, clothes, etc) and forego getting crumby stuff that has no real purpose beyond informing our neighbors and peers that we're cooperative consumers (think home remodeling updates and personal fashion).

I'm calling it REALcycling. More soon!

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