Tuesday, November 4, 2008

SeeHorse - the New Pony Express Delivery Option

John G. Shedd Aquarium, NewChicago, USA. The New Pony Express has joined with the trainers of this elite facility located on the shore of Lake Michigan to educate nimble, multi-aquatic capable seahorses to carry and deliver along the pathways of their choosing small packages worldwide using waterways, oceanic currents, rivers and all aquatic means of connection.

"This represents a triumphant breakthough in our efforts in operant conditioning." said Director Malia Ann Obama, daughter of two-term US President Sir Barack Obama from within the main training pool room. Though still enrolled at the University of NewChicago, Ms. Obama has been dividing her time between building this start-up and finishing her studies in Quantum Connecting, working closely with The New Pony Express to discover ways to improve small package delivery to help boost the NewEconomy. "We're anticipating ramping up and making a big splash in the industry as there appear to be no other organizations ready to take the reins on this one." she said.

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