Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quantum Connections

A new concept in Superstructing was introduced today with the formation and launching of Quantum Connections (QS). As we plow through the digital efforts of multiple geniuses and creatives in their ever spiraling production of more and more content while in some ways its easier than ever to find info - in others there's becoming too dang much to get a grip on. QS stands for employing methods that allow us to connect from within our gut, our intuitions, our 'feeling', notions, dreams, daydreams and in between the lines on the screen we access.

Maybe some of us meditate - and get thoughts, brainstorms and info from that. Perhaps you connect with the spiritual realm and gain knowledge there. Me? I listen to animals mostly. But here we all are looking for ways to exist and solve major problems all at the same time. Germans call it Zeitgeist others say it's synchronicity - whatever you call it what I'm talking about are the waves of influence we create with our thoughts alone. Quantum physicists note strange things happen in tiny tiny places when they measure quarks - the charmed ones mostly - and lo petunias it appears that their own thoughts create the eventual outcome of where the quark is going to be found.

So tQC s about that. It's about the concept that "Thoughts become things, choose the good ones.". What you see is what becomes. Eventually. Positive or negative - your thoughts influence your outcomes. The Superstruct is Quantum Connections. You can find more info here.

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  1. yes and when we open ourselves to the knowing that this is happening all the time for all of us, synchronicity is all the time. And sometimes the changes we are looking to make are the small ones that eventually add up to giant shifts. Love the superstruct!