Monday, November 3, 2008

E.A.T. Evolve - Act - Triumph!

SEHIs are finding it difficult to coordinate themselves and advertise effort. This Superstruct was designed to help us all get together. It's called EAT, because we're all hungry for something. For some of us in the year 2019, it could be as fundamental as food. Others may have enough to eat, but yearn for love, or community. Still others may be whole and healthy but find a gnawing at the pit of their soul. EAT will help us find each other, despite the odds, and make headway into fulfilling our needs - together. Set up a quick account on the Reconstruct site at: It works like facebook ut is designed just for SEHIs! Let's meet up there sometime during this 24 hour EAT IdeaFEAST beginning 8am your local time Wednesday, November 5th.

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