Friday, October 10, 2008

AnimalSpeakers - Listening Event 10.12 - 2pm YOUR local time

This Sunday, October 12, at 2pm YOUR local time, please take a moment, find a quiet place and tune your listening towards an animal or any creature you feel may have something to share. The idea here is to collect this information in a centralized place to help us as we slog through finding solutions to the global problems and challenges we now face.

After all, animals have been here in one form or another for millions of years isn't a stretch for many of us who know they have insights worth seeking out and giving voice to.

As information makes its way into your consciousness, please share it with everyone here by clicking on and adding comments to this post.

If you're playing the Superstruct game like I am (, log in and share what you learn with that entire community at the AnimalSpeakers Superstruct discussion thread:
It's totally free and is actively being designed to help people to network in ways that take the internet into the realm of social accountability, connecting and levergaing our collective genius towards the greater - not commercial - good. This is the beginning of something wonderful.

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  1. What I heard from the Life Form Collective:
    "Ownership is Overrarted".

    What I think this means is though we tend to think we own things (real estate being a timely biggie right now in the U.S.), in fact we are at best the stewards for. We don't OWN land, any more than we OWN air. We may borrow it, use it, claim rights to use, etc....that's ever as far as it goes. So we need not become too upset if we "lose" something....because we never really "owned" it. This opens up the possibility of being free from the weights of ownership. As mindful, grateful stewards we are able to take a much broader view and live far more exPANsively.