Monday, March 9, 2009

PonyBelle Unveiled

Last week a friend and I formed a collaborative subsidiary of both our businesses as we completed a project we worked on together -- an interactive, high functioning professional networking site: EAGALA Community Lauren of Articulate Productions and me, Marti of StudioMudio combined knowledge, resources and drive together fully exploiting the wonder of the web to do so.

We met last fall playing an online game where players were encouraged to seek solutions and post their brainstorms on a website designed to portray the world ten years into the future. Lauren and I were among the most driven of the 7000+ players and noticed each other's upbeat and creative work style early on. Our friendship continued after the game ended - and here we are!

We are actively looking for new clients - ones with ethically balanced missions, among whose goals are to make the world a better place. If that's you or your organization - get in touch. We specialize in creative Web 2.0+ solutions!

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  1. congratulations! this is so amazing and such good news.

    huzzah! from a fellow SEHI (avantgame)